Barefoot Garden Route


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Swartberg Mountain Pass Roadtrip

Swartberg Pass

The morning sun shines softly through the rising forest mist as we ascend the Outeniqua Pass on our way to Oudtshoorn from George.  Every now and then the mist lifts and exposes the gorges and winding contours of this famous pass.

At the top of the mountain we turn left to Oudtshoorn onto the famous Route 62. Now the landscape turns flat and above the mist of the mountain below you can see the outline of a few mountain ranges away as well as the far-away horizon of the Indian Ocean to the south, leaving you with a wonderful sense of spaciousness and breath-taking inspiration.

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Victoria Bay on the Garden Route

Sunrise over Victoria Bay

The sound of waves, so close, wakes me from deep sleep and I have to think twice about where I am.  Peeking through my unzipped tent with amazement, my eyes takes in the most spectacular scene … golden pink sunrise rays whispering over the waves rolling into beautiful Victoria Bay … the mist slowly rising up over the green hills immediately surrounding the beach. A dream-like atmosphere hangs over the water.  Early morning fishermen’s lines are already deep into the sea, waiting for their first catch of the day while  enthusiastic surfers are lying in wait to ride the oncoming waves with precision, confidence and much practiced (and admired) skill.  Oh, Victoria Bay!

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Whale Watching in the Garden Route

Southern Right Whale jumping Garden Route

“There, look!  Can you see the water spraying into the air?”

I approach the group of people looking out over the bay, following the man’s pointing finger to an area where it looks as if a big rock is sticking out above the water.  Something is definitely moving down there as the water is moving in the opposite direction of the current.   A chilly south-eastern wind is blowing in from the sea, making little white waves across the surface of the bay. As if time is standing still, we are all staring at the water … waiting … watching. The next moment we all see the spray of water above this rock look-alike and the small group of onlookers simultaneously makes sounds of wonder and awe.

Slowly the big black head appears above the water as we keep staring at the huge whale in front of us,